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I lived in Japan from 1999-2001, and worked on development of applications with NTT iMode (officially spelled i-Mode, I believe) services, while working on the Wearable Environmental Media project at Keio University SFC.

I am back in the US now (living in Boston), and am doing consulting on wireless application development. The mobile phone technology in the US is lagging about two years behind that in Japan, due in part I believe to the poor design of the WAP protocols, and a general inattention to numerous important design issues by the carriers and handset manufacturers in the US. I'll tell you all about it if you want...

Note: My PicoBrowser Java MIDP browser library has been folded into the ilabs mobile app suite named JANUS, which is an Open Source project at

Some fun projects I worked on are listed below, including the WEM office keitai-controlled virtual bulletin board [screenshot], an experiment in a wall-sized phone-controlled personal and group display system.

Here are some i-mode applications and iAppli Java applets that I wrote:

iMode Server Side Applications and iAppli Applets



About Me

Henry Minsky has extensive experience with a range of software and hardware development, including network services, mobile computing, machine intelligence, and electronic publishing.

He most recently worked for an NTT DoCoMo research project at Keio University in Japan, on protoype mobile computing platforms. This work involved writing an embedded customized i-Mode browser for Java-enabled mobile handsets, and designing a server architecture for controlling a distributed set of multi-media devices on personal and environmental area networks.

As co-founder of Universal Access Inc. he has developed several large Internet and web systems including the MetaHTML web application server and scripting language, and the XACT TCP/IP credit card processing protocol. Previously to founding Universal Access, he worked for Xerox PARC laboratory developing embedded image processing code for a smart copier platform. Henry has bachelor of science and master of science degrees from MIT in Electrical Engineering.

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Or was it spelled Lazlo?

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